Definition of warrant officer in English:

warrant officer

Pronunciation /ˈwɔrən(t) ˌɔfəsər/

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  • An officer in the US armed forces ranking below the commissioned officers and above the noncommissioned officers.

    ‘All officers, from warrant officer 1 to lieutenant general, should use the form.’
    • ‘Anderson later served as a warrant officer and commissioned officer in the Army Reserve.’
    • ‘Also included is information on the prerequisites needed to become a warrant officer, along with an application packet for any warrant officer candidates a current warrant officer comes in contact with.’
    • ‘Bucca also was a 29-year veteran of the military and held the rank of warrant officer in the U.S. Army Reserve.’
    • ‘His staff officers were white except for a black warrant officer, the assistant regimental adjutant.’
    • ‘We are seeing new second lieutenants and warrant officer ones with significant recent experience as non-commissioned officers.’
    • ‘‘It is the duty of every officer, warrant officer and NCO to lead by example and to set the highest standards of behaviour,’ he said.’
    • ‘The relationship among the four Army cohorts (officer, noncommissioned officer, warrant officer, and civilian) should be improved.’
    • ‘Introduced in 1917 and designated by the Royal Coat-of-Arms, WO1 was established as a second warrant officer rank.’
    • ‘Lessons have different levels of difficulty to reflect the roles of either a sergeant or a warrant officer.’
    • ‘According to the study, almost three-quarters of those committing suicide are soldiers or sergeants, one in ten is a warrant officer, and about 15% are officers.’
    • ‘Each warrant officer must view the Army's changing environment not from an individual ‘foxhole’ or particular specialty, but in its totality.’
    • ‘In some career management fields, a master gunner's role would be equivalent to a warrant officer.’
    • ‘Mr. Hokrein is a retired warrant officer with more than 26 years of extensive experience in tactical networks/switching management as well as communications security.’
    • ‘He is the only warrant officer to date to ever be awarded both of these awards.’
    • ‘Section 4 of the Act delineates the powers sanctioned to any commissioned officer, warrant officer, non-commissioned officer, in a disturbed area.’
    • ‘Bob, an army warrant officer, agreed to have his sperm frozen when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.’
    • ‘A final piece of advice: have a senior warrant officer in your career field review your file to ensure that it is board-ready.’
    • ‘The occasion also was notable for strengthening the Air Force family, with the sons of one serving officer and one former warrant officer among the graduates.’
    • ‘The warrant officer used a spare boat to recover the sweep in the darkness, battling against a six knot tidal stream in waters not yet cleared of mines.’