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  • An African wild pig with bristly gray skin, a large head, warty lumps on the face, and curved tusks.

    Phacochoerus aethiopicus, family Suidae

    ‘Add up all the lions, elephants, warthogs, giraffes, gazelles, zebras, impalas, topis and hyenas that live on these plains and they fail to outnumber the gnus.’
    • ‘Other animal species to look out for include impala, blue wildebeest, waterbuck, zebra, nyala, kudu, bushbuck, warthog, cheetah, hyena, jackal and giraffe.’
    • ‘As for antelopes, baboons, chimps, crocodiles, gazelles, giraffes, hippos, hyenas, warthogs and zebras, well, they're ten a shilling.’
    • ‘Wild pigs include the warthog, giant forest hog and red river hog.’
    • ‘In eastern Africa, they mostly hunt Thomson's gazelles, but they will also attack calves, warthogs, zebras, impalas, and the young of large antelopes such as the gnu.’
    • ‘In the dry season, July to November, the river is an excellent place for observing large numbers of game including lions, leopards, hunting dogs, giraffe, waterbuck, eland and warthogs.’
    • ‘The big cat typically preys on smaller antelope, warthogs, hares, and game birds - the very animals that range freely on the Hoedspruit property.’
    • ‘Other animals, such as waterbucks, kudus, warthogs, and baboons, drank from the same troughs.’
    • ‘Certain prey like bush pig and warthog, with their razor-sharp tusks, are handled differently from the horned and kicking antelopes.’
    • ‘Dozens of other animals were also killed, including antelope, zebra, warthogs, baboons and birds. ½ United States’
    • ‘Hogs have fallen to my sixguns in Oregon, Missouri, Texas and Arizona, as have the warthogs of South Africa, not to mention the pig-like peccaries or javelina of the Southwest.’
    • ‘When I was in the midst of the baboon troop, animals that are normally extremely wary of humans, like bushbuck, warthogs, and bat-eared foxes, walked right up to me; a warthog even let her babies play at my feet.’
    • ‘Yet should a warthog or impala wander under the tree in which it is passing the time of day, eyes will light up and it will drop like a stone onto the unsuspecting animal for a free meal.’
    • ‘It was these drinking poses which enabled the giraffe supplant the warthog as Alex's favourite animal.’
    • ‘Also on sale were Burchells Zebra, blue and black wildebeest, lechwe, waterbuck, eland, impala, bontebuck, kudu, ostrich, hartebeest, blesbuck, springbok, warthog and mountain reedbuck.’
    • ‘Burrows which have been abandoned may be used for shelter by bats, ground squirrels, hares, cats, civets, hyenas, jackals, porcupines, monitor lizards, owls and warthogs.’
    • ‘Currently we've got warthogs, monkeys, a baboon, small antelopes, a scrub hare and an Egyptian goose.’
    • ‘I was immune to this problem by dint of having only one merely medium-sized bag - a baby warthog, or a few meerkats - with no presents in it.’
    • ‘For warthog and zebra the equivalent newborn/adult ratio was calculated.’
    • ‘He was an exceptional guide, able simultaneously to drive a 4WD vehicle, identify a juvenile pale chanting goshawk and relate a children's story about why warthogs run with their tails held erect.’



/ˈwôrtˌ(h)ôɡ/ /ˈwɔrtˌ(h)ɔɡ/ /ˈwärtˌ(h)äɡ/ /ˈwɑrtˌ(h)ɑɡ/