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warts and all

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  • Including features or qualities that are not appealing or attractive.

    • ‘Philip must learn to accept me, warts and all’
    • ‘I know that I am right to take a stand against this wrong being done behind our backs without the whole of Sligo being given the whole truthful facts - warts and all.’
    • ‘O'Neill looks back fondly to a time when a truthful portrait, warts and all, was the true art of the portrait photographer.’
    • ‘I'm proud to be a citizen and part of this country, warts and all.’
    • ‘If Scotland is to be a grown-up country, sure of itself and aware of its strengths and its failings, it should be capable of allowing itself to be presented warts and all.’
    • ‘It took a chance and went with the story, warts and all.’
    • ‘As painful as it might be, you had to fully assume that person's point of view/art style - warts and all.’
    • ‘Imagine, though, being in the presence of someone who knew you fully, warts and all, and still accepted you anyway.’
    • ‘I think most British people have looked at their own history, what's left of it on the syllabus, and seen it warts and all.’
    • ‘He discusses his entire career, warts and all, in breathtaking and surprisingly honest fashion.’
    • ‘He encouraged those writers who honestly and artistically shed light on Soviet reality, warts and all.’
    unvarnished, truthful, realistic, true to life
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