Definition of washed out in English:

washed out

Pronunciation /wäSHt ˈout/ /wɑʃt ˈaʊt/

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  • 1Faded by sunlight or repeated washing.

    • ‘washed-out jeans’
    faded, blanched, bleached, lightened, decolorized
    pale, light, flat, drab, grey, muted, lacklustre, lustreless, watery
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  • 2(of a person) pale and tired.

    ‘he had pale grey eyes that made him appear tired and washed-out’
    • ‘a middle-aged woman with a worn, washed-out face’
    wan, pallid, pale, white, grey, pasty, pasty-faced, anaemic, colourless, bloodless, drawn, haggard, blanched, drained, pinched, peaky, peakish, ashen, ashen-faced, chalky, chalk white, waxy, waxen, sickly, sallow, whey-faced, ghostly, deathlike, deathly pale, as white as a sheet, looking as if one has seen a ghost
    exhausted, tired, tired out, worn out, weary, fatigued, spent, drained, enfeebled, enervated, run down
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