Definition of wasp-waisted in English:



See wasp waist

‘The family gathers in front of the house, the mother in her wasp-waisted dress a picture of 1950s domesticity as she repeatedly leads a child down the walk.’
  • ‘The stone statues of the abstract Union Soldier grow slimmer and younger each year - wasp-waisted, they doze over muskets and muse through their sideburns.’
  • ‘His wasp-waisted, long-limbed figures express the era's aspirations and opulence with disarming force.’
  • ‘I'll just keep it that way and make everything else so much bigger that I'll look wasp-waisted and cartoonish.’
  • ‘Essentially designed to go with the romantic, wasp-waisted Fifties look, bear in mind that these pieces are fashioned to stop at your middle.’



/ˈwäsp ˈˌwāstid/ /ˈwɑsp ˈˌweɪstɪd/