Definition of Wassermann test in English:

Wassermann test

Pronunciation /ˈväsərmən test/ /ˈvɑsərmən test/ /ˈvasərman test/ /ˈvæsərmæn tɛst/


  • A diagnostic test for syphilis using a specific antibody reaction (the Wassermann reaction) of the patient's blood serum.

    ‘More sensitive than the Wassermann test, the Kahn test could be completed in a matter of minutes.’
    • ‘A considerable volume of routine serologic work, notably Wassermann tests, was also accomplished.’
    • ‘He returned to San Antonio, where he performed the first Wassermann tests in the state.’
    • ‘For years Wassermann tests have been carried out in routine management of pregnancy, to warn of possible miscarriage or to prevent congenital syphilis in the infant.’
    • ‘The possibility of this he steadily denied, and his word was borne out by the Wassermann tests, which consistently gave negative results, though tried again and again.’


Early 20th century named after August P. Wassermann (1866–1925), German pathologist.