Definition of wassup in English:


(also whassup)


  • Used as a friendly or informal greeting.

    ‘'Wassup, hot stuff?' Bridget called’
    • ‘Greeting an officer of the law with "Yo wassup, dirty?"’
    • ‘The rest was just her bumbling about the stage saying "Wassup Melbourne?"’
    • ‘Upon arriving in the United States, Ichiro said, "Hey, Seattle, wassup?"’
    • ‘Saying that this went beyond having him say "Wassup?"’
    • ‘The popular conception is that IM is all fluff, just another way for giggly teens to ask, "Wassup?"’
    • ‘You're supposed to say 'Wassup cuz.'’
    • ‘I mean who didn't love having people shout "Wassup" for months?’
    • ‘I didn't know about it until one of my close friends called and said, "Dude, wassup with that?"’
    • ‘He says, 'Hey wassup, bro!'’
    • ‘Hey, wassup ya'll, any special ladies around?’
    • ‘A minority bands together and feels a kinship, if only for a moment that is as long as a muttered wassup, man?’
    • ‘Chad taught him how to say "Wassup," " Damn, dude" and "It's all good."’
    • ‘I missed the "Wassup!"’
    • ‘I said, 'Wassup, man?'’
    • ‘I might be branded as a cool dude but you will never find me trying to act cool and saying things like 'Yo man, wassup?'’
    • ‘"Yo, Dean, wassup man?’
    • ‘"Wassup?" my brother said as I got home.’
    • ‘Hey, Jess, wassup?’
    • ‘Hey, blogosphere, wassup this week?’
    • ‘"Wassup with you then?"’


Early 20th century representing an informal pronunciation of what's up?.