Definition of wastegate in English:



  • A device in a turbocharger which regulates the pressure at which exhaust gases pass to the turbine by opening or closing a vent to the exterior.

    ‘Gases passed through the supercharger and out the wastegate, after driving the turbine bucket wheel.’
    • ‘Its turbocharged, 698 cc, three-cylinder engine makes a fluttering sound every time you back off the throttle, caused by the turbo's wastegate releasing pressurised exhaust gases.’
    • ‘Plus you can use the electric motor to eliminate the need for a separate wastegate, eliminate throttle lag, and take advantage of an air bearing's lower friction by using a smaller motor/generator unit.’
    • ‘Fortunately the ventilation is good here; it's a very advanced system with distributed wireless sensors controlling the wastegates.’
    • ‘Unusually, the computer controller leaves the turbo's wastegate open most of the time.’



/ˈwāstɡāt/ /ˈweɪstɡeɪt/