Definition of watch cap in English:

watch cap


  • A close-fitting knitted cap of a kind worn by members of the US Navy in cold weather.

    ‘I pull it down low over the eyebrows, like a watch cap.’
    • ‘In the Gulf, I had taken out the watch cap and the hand-warmers, and I hadn't bothered to put them back into my survival vest.’
    • ‘His shaggy brown hair spilled out from below his white watch cap.’
    • ‘On my first walk across the yard, accompanied by a guard, I was surprised at how normal, even fashionable, the men's blue and orange jackets, pants and watch caps seemed.’
    • ‘Their faces were smeared in grease paint and watch caps covered their hair.’


watch cap

/wäCH/ /wɑtʃ/ /wôCH kap/ /wɔtʃ kæp/