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watch chain

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  • A metal chain securing a pocket watch.

    ‘When, in addition, I see a Chinese coin hanging from your watch chain, the matter becomes even more simple.’
    • ‘Each league could have its own yearly consecutive-strike leader - the champion would get a watch chain with a link for every consecutive strike.’
    • ‘The item was a coin that Doyle carried on his watch chain.’
    • ‘After the show, an elderly gentleman brought over a silver dollar and asked if Herb would shoot a hole in one edge so he could hang it on his watch chain.’
    • ‘My watch chain clicks noisily together as I toss it into my left pocket.’
    • ‘Taking a key from his watch chain, he opened it and looked at the French dueling pistols lying on their dark blue velvet beds within.’
    • ‘Irons had changed into a suit, the ever-present watch chain glinting in the late light.’
    • ‘Although conservatively dressed, he wore a gold watch chain on his grey waistcoat and designer black leather shoes.’
    • ‘The fob is rarely seen because its primary use is to anchor a watch chain on clothing.’
    • ‘Edward told Lawrence his brother's story, whereupon the man took out a watch chain.’
    • ‘She eyed him surreptitiously, noting the oddly showy silver watch chain peeking from his waistcoat pocket.’
    • ‘Gold fittings could then be attached to form watch chains, bracelets, necklaces, and certain kinds of brooches.’
    • ‘Adoring fans presented their ‘sturdy youths’ with little gold footballs for their watch chains.’


watch chain

/wäCH/ /wɑtʃ/ /wôCH CHān/ /wɔtʃ tʃeɪn/