Definition of watch list in English:

watch list


  • A list of individuals, groups, or items that require close surveillance, typically for legal or political reasons.

    ‘The FBI already had two people on its watch list.’
    • ‘For the best system using a watch list of 25 people, the detection and identification rate is 77%.’
    • ‘About 40 officers still remain on the watch list.’
    • ‘You're on the terrorist watch list.’
    • ‘But we need to have an integrated watch list in this country.’
    • ‘Some data will be compared with commercial databases to see if identities are accurate and to resolve false positive matches with the watch list.’
    • ‘Allocating the funds on compiling, sharing, and enforcing the terrorist watch list would be a far better security investment.’
    • ‘The company had been on a securities watch list for losing money between 2000 and 2002, and was a candidate for de-listing.’
    • ‘My watch list now includes a total of about 30 stocks and funds.’
    • ‘One proposal that's high on my watch list is competitive bidding.’
    • ‘With good growth forecasts, resilience to economic downturns and the prospect of more consolidation, the drinks sector is one to keep on your watch list.’
    • ‘Now, in September, as you recall, he was denied entry in the U.S. and his plane diverted when his name turned up on a watch list.’
    • ‘The other shows in my regular watch list are: The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Doctor Who, MediaWatch.’
    • ‘A watch list, to be useful, needs to be based on up-to-the-second, detailed intelligence.’
    • ‘Taking everything into account, this is another stock I'm going to keep on my watch list, waiting for a slightly more favourable entry price.’
    • ‘These, therefore, are the guys you want to start your watch list for next year with, although in this case there is a caveat.’
    • ‘It was revealed in court Tuesday that she was on a watch list and had entered the U.S. possibly as many as 250 times.’
    • ‘It's scandalous that airline passengers are still not screened against all names on a terrorist watch list.’
    • ‘They'd probably be shocked to find their phone calls on the watch list.’


watch list

/wäCH/ /wɑtʃ/ /wôCH list/ /wɔtʃ lɪst/