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  • A person who makes and repairs watches and clocks.

    ‘At the same time there were harness makers, tailors, dressmakers, builders, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, watchmakers, saddlers, masons and carpenters.’
    • ‘Arthur also studied the commercial ties between clockmakers, watchmakers, and cabinet-makers, since tall-case clocks were a collaborative effort.’
    • ‘Descended from a long line of watchmakers, he makes a living designing timepieces.’
    • ‘Known as ‘pair-case’ watches, they were usually made of silver, gold being reserved for fine watches by renowned watchmakers.’
    • ‘There were 47 pawnbrokers in the Borough, 38 of whom dealt in gold and silver plate, and 55 persons carried on business as watchmakers.’
    • ‘In particular, he supported a group of watchmakers, cajoling his contacts into buying their products.’
    • ‘If you doubt the power of the aesthetics of clockwork, look at the prices in a smart watchmaker's shop.’
    • ‘However, to compete with the big boys in Asia like Japan and Hongkong, retailers feel Singapore has to develop highly-trained watchmakers who can support an after-sales service industry.’
    • ‘By the last quarter of the nineteenth century Viennese watchmakers were replicating earlier watch forms as well as continuing the revival of Renaissance enameling techniques.’
    • ‘This contact of his had passed on to him a list of slightly disreputable jewelers and watchmakers in the area, on which I was rather impressed and a bit taken aback to find my appearance.’
    • ‘Again, not many watchmakers bother today, so they seem to end up on his bench but he admits it would take a hard man to turn a customer away who wanted a family heirloom repaired, especially clocks such as these.’
    • ‘One house is as it was in the 1840s, when owned by Jewish watchmakers; another as in the 1870s, and another now appears as it did in the 1930s.’
    • ‘This exhibition attracts thousands of jewellers, wholesalers, and watchmakers.’
    • ‘He was born in London, the son of a watchmaker, and studied at Southend School of Art and then (after an interval as a commercial designer) at the Royal College of Art, 1924-7.’
    • ‘He apprenticed with his father, a watchmaker, before moving to Switzerland, to work as a journeyman in Basel, and then to Neuchatel to study watchmaking.’
    • ‘For a watch to be unique, the watchmaker should design and manufacture most of the different parts rather than simply source components from another supplier.’



/ˈwäCHˌmākər/ /ˈwɑtʃˌmeɪkər/