Definition of water-resistant in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɔdər rəˌzɪstənt/


  • Able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely.

    ‘use a strong, water-resistant sunblock’
    • ‘leather that is supple and water-resistant’
    • ‘Have the child wear sleeves that are snug at the wrist, mittens (they are warmer than gloves) and water-resistant coats and shoes.’
    • ‘The fabric is water-resistant and durable, capable of withstanding any elements you may encounter on your adventures.’
    • ‘This is mostly due to the fact that the majority of the earth here is hard and water-resistant.’
    • ‘They are wax-based, so they are naturally more water-resistant and heatproof.’
    • ‘A water-resistant coating, added later, helps the container keep its strength and shape when it's filled with a hot, juicy cheeseburger or creamy pasta alfredo leftovers, for example.’
    • ‘It has orange eyes and woolly, water-resistant fur (a useful trait in a rainforest), which is colored dark brown to black except for two large, white patches on the animal's back.’
    • ‘If you want to protect yourself during spring's rainy days, then a Gore-Tex trench coat might be your calling, as its water-resistant nature will keep you and your designer suit out of harm's way.’
    • ‘Named for the Canadian province where it originated, the Newfoundland's webbed feet, rudder-like tail, and water-resistant coat make it a natural swimmer.’
    • ‘Trail runners of all abilities will appreciate the rugged, water-resistant design of this shoe, as well as the trail-specific outsole's durability and traction.’
    • ‘Damage to the houses was repaired with the least expensive materials: tarpaper covered holes in walls and roofs and water-resistant metallic paint filled in thin roof areas.’
    • ‘For best results, a water vapor-permeable, water-resistant building paper (like tar paper) is first attached to the sheathing.’
    • ‘The other reason is the water-resistant magnesium body protects mind-blowing technology that allows you to shoot 8.2 megapixel images at 8.5 frames a second.’
    • ‘Talking of balls, manufacturers have made them lighter, water-resistant and generally much more accurate - a world away from the waterlogged medicine balls that players used to break their feet on.’
    • ‘With most brands of laminate flooring, the joints are glued with specially formulated, water-resistant, glue placed between the tongue and grooves of every plank.’
    • ‘What keeps the plumage from getting totally wet is the unusual structure of the birds' feathers: loose peripheral barbs around a water-resistant central area.’
    • ‘You should not have wasted your effort testing radios that are not water-resistant, and you should have forced the manufacturers to own up to the standard of water resistance they claim.’
    • ‘‘The museum did not want these buildings to be water-resistant, they wanted them watertight,’ stated Norbury.’
    • ‘Parkas are made of water-resistant material (such as nylon or microfiber), and are usually sportier versions of the trench coat.’
    • ‘Already skilled in knitting and sewing wind- and water-resistant garments, they quickly mastered hand-weaving techniques.’
    • ‘It's covered in black, water-resistant, rubber armor.’
    watertight, waterproof, damp-proof, water-resistant, water-repellent, airtight, tight, sealed, hermetically sealed, closed