Definition of water bloom in English:

water bloom


another term for algal bloom (see bloom)
‘The most professional attitude appears to be in Australia, where water blooms occur each summer season.’
  • ‘Algae growth in ponds can appear as green water blooms, filamentous algae on plants, and floating algal mats.’
  • ‘In the 1970s, water bloom, symbol of deteriorating water quality, occurred in many lakes throughout the country.’
  • ‘The occurring probability of water blooms will not increase when the diverted water volume is 9.5 billion cubic meters.’
  • ‘The formation of water blooms results from the redistribution and often rapid accumulation of buoyant planktonic populations.’
  • ‘Thus, by inhibiting elution of phosphorus in sludge in accordance with the present invention, it is possible to prevent production of water blooms and red tides.’
  • ‘The Beijing Times reported that large water blooms had recently hit Shangzhuang reservoir in the city's Haidian District.’
  • ‘The suppressing impact of cyanobacteria is only obvious in the case of very heavy water blooms.’
  • ‘Thus, a large but brief pulse of carbon from an ice-edge bloom, plus subsequent open water bloom, sinks to the bottom without being grazed by zooplankton.’
  • ‘Consequently, it was determined that a water fountain is effective for suppressing the growth of water bloom in a pond or other similar water bodies.’
  • ‘After the water bloom floating on the surface of the lake is collected, concentrated and dehydrated into cakes, the dried water bloom is processed into fertilizer containing large quantities of phosphates and nitrogen.’
  • ‘Colonial cyanobacteria (genus Microcystis, especially M. aeruginosa) dominated during summer as the dominant species of water bloom.’


water bloom

/ˈwôdər/ /ˈwɔdər/ /ˈwädər blo͞om/ /ˈwɑdər blum/