Definition of water hyacinth in English:

water hyacinth


  • A free-floating tropical American water plant which has been introduced elsewhere as an ornamental and in some warmer regions has become a serious weed of waterways.

    Eichhornia crassipes, family Pontederiaceae

    ‘From screw pines to banana trees and water hyacinth, Kerala is blessed with a large number of plants from which commercially important natural fibres can be developed, he said.’
    • ‘Most noxious weeds, such as kudzu, water hyacinth and parthenium, resulted from the introduction of semi-domesticated wild plants into non-native environments without the checks and balances of their native pests.’
    • ‘But in South Africa, as with many other countries invaded by the South American water hyacinth, the fight to stem its relentless spread has long been a losing one.’
    • ‘The resulting effect is that the dissolved oxygen level goes down in the water, weeds like water hyacinth proliferate and there's breeding of mosquitoes.’
    • ‘You can get a solar pump or stock your pond with filtering plants such as water hyacinth to keep it clean.’
    • ‘Controlling aquatic vegetation is an ongoing struggle, and invasive non-native water plants such as giant salvinia, water hyacinth and hydrilla are a big part of the problem.’
    • ‘Invasion of water systems by water hyacinth is a global problem.’
    • ‘We passed egrets nesting in the mangrove and great mats of water hyacinth with lilac flowers; we saw fish-hawks and blue herons and watched the crocodiles being fed.’
    • ‘By the 1890s water hyacinth already occupied the southeast coast of the U.S., infesting Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and Louisiana, which still has the biggest problem.’
    • ‘After pulling out water hyacinth from Ulsoor lake, the Corps of Engineers is moving a batch of trainees to Hesarghatta lake banks for cleaning up the tank bed.’
    • ‘In East Africa's Lake Victoria, for example, two weevil species reduced the coverage of water hyacinth by 80 percent.’
    • ‘It was stagnant, choked by the growth of water hyacinth.’
    • ‘The ubiquitous water hyacinth too can be ‘harnessed’ to absorb pollutants.’
    • ‘Malawi was not picturesque enough for the anonymous European settler suspected of importing water hyacinth a century ago.’
    • ‘It is believed that water hyacinth first arrived in the U.S. in 1884 through New Orleans.’
    • ‘This will also push water hyacinth into the estuary, eradicating it in the process.’
    • ‘The method of using the water hyacinth for arsenic removal is simple and effective.’
    • ‘One of the topics covered was the gauging of water cleanliness by looking closely at the water hyacinth and discovering exactly what was living among the roots of the those curious floating plants.’
    • ‘I can categorically declare that the water hyacinth is flourishing continuing to choke other plant life.’
    • ‘Water lilies, water lettuce and water hyacinths can be planted in the pond and are very attractive when in bloom.’


water hyacinth

/ˈwôdər/ /ˈwɔdər/ /ˈwädər ˈhīəˌsinTH/ /ˈwɑdər ˈhaɪəˌsɪnθ/