Definition of water mold in English:

water mold


  • Any of a group of fungi-like organisms that live in water or soil, many of which are parasitic on plants.

    Phlya Chytridiomycota and Oomycota, kingdom Protista

    ‘Their greatest impact on humans, however, comes from the many species of water mold which are parasites on flowering plants.’
    • ‘Several superintendents dealt with the ‘water mold’ in stride after protecting their fairways, greens and tees with a fungicide preventative, but others were forced to pay for their gamble with Mother Nature.’
    • ‘The brown ‘algae’ are members of the kingdom-level taxon Chromista, which also includes diatoms, water molds, and coccolithophorids.’
    • ‘Even multicellular chromists, like brown algae and water molds, produce flagellated zoospores of this type.’
    • ‘They include green algae, protozoa, slime melds, water molds, giant kelp, slime nets, and many others with no common name.’