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water on the brain

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  • Hydrocephalus.

    • ‘Their conditions ranged from IQ's as low as 55, to water on the brain at birth, brain damage, and lobotomy.’
    • ‘He had been born with water on the brain and suffered other brain damage from a severe fall when he was young.’
    • ‘Suffering from prostate cancer, Parkinson's and water on the brain, the preacher will speak from an ingenious pulpit designed to allow him to evangelise in a sitting position.’
    • ‘The child, who suffered from spina bifida and water on the brain, was found unconscious with bruises to the head.’
    • ‘I wonder if they have a cure for water on the brain as well?’
    • ‘She went back in after that because her head was swelling and the hospital told us she had water on the brain.’
    • ‘As I'm not a musician he treats me like a child with water on the brain where his work is concerned.’
    • ‘Could you explain what happens to a person in her 70s who might have water on the brain?’
    • ‘Another baby has water on the brain - its arms are bandaged to prevent it pulling out the tubes in its wrists.’
    • ‘When she was born, her mother was told she also had water on the brain and that she would be unable to walk or speak.’


water on the brain

/ˌwôdər än T͟Hə ˈbrān/ /ˌwɔdər ɑn ðə ˈbreɪn/