Definition of water parsnip in English:

water parsnip


  • A tall plant of the parsley family which lives in or near water.

    Sium latifolium and Berula erecta, family Umbelliferae

    • ‘Management guidance for greater water parsnip tends to be the same as good fen management practice.’
    • ‘At maturity, poison hemlock can be difficult to distinguish from water parsnip and water hemlock.’
    • ‘Its broad leaves and unpleasant odor, compared to the finely divided leaves and smaller umbels of water hemlock and water parsnip distinguish cow parsnip.’
    • ‘From the walks he has learned new information about what bears eat - for instance, a heavy diet of herbs from wetlands in the spring such as water plantain, sarsaparilla, jack-in-the-pulpit, ferns, thistles, cattails and water parsnips; berries and ants in the summer; berries and nuts in the autumn.’
    • ‘Emergent plants such as cattails, pickerel weed, swamp candle and rooted floating plants such as yellow and white water-lilies and water parsnips were identified.’