Definición de water rat en Inglés

water rat

Pronunciación /ˈwɔdər ˌræt/

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  • Any of a number of semiaquatic rodents.

    Several species, in particular the Florida water rat (Neofiber alleni, family Muridae) of Florida and southern Georgia, and the muskrat

    ‘Within this family, some species are particularly relevant, as is the case of Nectomys squamipes, a South American water rat that is a primary host of the parasite Schistosoma mansoni.’
    • ‘To determine the geographical distribution of the phenotypes, we analyzed 820 skins of the South American water rat that were collected in various places in Brazil over a century and deposited at the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro.’
    • ‘The 17 hectare nature protects eight hectares of undisturbed rainforest, which is home to pademelons, brush turkeys, water rats and possums that can be seen on walks.’
    • ‘Smooth-coated otters are omnivorous and will eat insects, earthworms, crustaceans, frogs, water rats, turtles, large birds, and fish.’
    • ‘Since when did notions of cleaning up the backyard shed, eating water rats, and wiping the bottoms of naughty rich children constitute entertainment?’
    • ‘It's murky, and I realize that there might be water rats.’
    • ‘Down here is all darkness, the only sound the slur of rain in the dirt, water rats scratching inside the walls.’
    pirate, marauder, raider, plunderer, bandit, robber