Definition of water shrew in English:

water shrew


  • A large semiaquatic shrew that preys on aquatic invertebrates.

    Four genera, family Soricidae: several species, in particular the American water shrew (Sorex palustris) and the Eurasian water shrew (Neomys fodiens)

    ‘The water shrew of Eurasia weakens its aquatic prey (snails, mollusks, and freshwater insects) with a similar saliva poison.’
    • ‘In addition to the solenodon, the only mammals that use venom today are the North American short-tailed shrew, the Eurasian water shrew, and the Australian duck-billed platypus.’
    • ‘For example, northern water shrews are primarily found near wetland habitats including streams with overhanging banks, grass-sedge marshes, and shrub zones bordering streams and ponds.’
    • ‘Kleptoparasitism has been reported in several species; the victims included blackbirds, song thrushes, water shrews, hawks and tree snakes.’
    • ‘Today they are an ideal habitat for many creatures including water shrews.’


water shrew

/ˈwôdər/ /ˈwɔdər/ /ˈwädər SHro͞o/ /ˈwɑdər ʃru/