Definition of waterbird in English:



  • A bird that frequents water, especially one that habitually wades or swims in fresh water.

    ‘The pond is usually dominated by the usual waterbirds: Mute Swan, Canada Goose, Mallard, American Black Duck, and Double-crested Cormorant.’
    • ‘Most of the postcranial elements belong to continental waterbirds, including pelicans, anhingas, herons, storks, ducks, and rails.’
    • ‘There were birds everywhere, waterbirds and shorebirds in the pools, landbirds flying by or sitting on fences.’
    • ‘In monographic detail, the book covers the terrestrial birds in the Quaternary of New Zealand, treating moa, kiwi, waterbirds, raptors, rails, shorebirds, and the remaining land birds in turn.’
    • ‘Among some ground-nesting waterbirds, such as gulls and plovers, research has shown that speckling aids egg camouflage.’
    • ‘Young waterbirds are taken in hard weather by full-grown birds.’
    • ‘A pair of coots, some moorhens, a little grebe and a single Little Egret rounded out the waterbirds.’
    • ‘Now common loons, one of five loon species, are helping scientists better understand the impact of environmental mercury contamination on waterbirds, fish, and other aquatic wildlife.’
    • ‘However, there were slight trends for waterbirds, birds that breed at Delta Marsh, and short-distance migrants to arrive earlier over time.’
    • ‘In Hawaii, cats and dogs as well as the imported mongoose have seriously affected nesting waterbirds and two seabirds - the dark-rumped petrel and Newell's shearwater, according to the National Biological Service.’
    • ‘This 2,951-acre facility also provides safe haven for some 50 species of waterbirds, shorebirds, and seabirds.’
    • ‘The 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines, caused circumpolar cooling, delayed snowmelt, and resulted in global reductions in productivity of arctic waterbirds in 1992.’
    • ‘‘The drainage of the marshlands destroyed the wintering and staging habitat of several million migratory waterbirds,’ Evans said.’
    • ‘Maggots feeding on the carcasses could pick up the toxin and be eaten by untargeted waterbirds, especially waterfowl, causing additional deaths and creating an outbreak of avian botulism.’
    • ‘Apparently large numbers of ducks, coots and other waterbirds winter at the lake.’
    • ‘I saw hundreds of Australian waterbirds, including Freckled Ducks (our most endangered duck) in large numbers.’
    • ‘When alewives return to the rivers, they provide abundant forage for resident and sea-run fish, waterbirds, and raptors.’
    • ‘It provides winter habitat for 15 million waterbirds, more than 400,000 geese, and 5 million ducks (one-fifth of the continental population).’
    • ‘These wetlands are important breeding and migratory stopover sites for many North American waterbirds, including more than 30 species of shorebirds, 9 of which regularly breed in the region.’
    • ‘Why are grebes, among all the waterbirds, so difficult to maintain in captive environments?’



/ˈwôdərˌbərd/ /ˈwɔdərˌbərd/ /ˈwädərˌbərd/ /ˈwɑdərˌbərd/