Definition of waterhen in English:



  • An aquatic rail, especially a moorhen or related bird.

    Genera Gallinula and Amaurornis, family Rallidae

    • ‘Mr Deacon says that far from damaging wildlife, the lake and wetlands already attract kingfishers, mallards, woodpeckers, coots, waterhens, curlews, plovers, deer and foxes.’
    • ‘In summer we would go down to the Dingle Lodge to swim or look for birds nest and watch waterhens on the canal.’
    • ‘It is a much larger bird than the waterhen and it is intriguing to watch it as it conducts its underwater manoeuvres.’
    • ‘I was disappointed at missing out on the owl, but more so on the waterhen, because I'd thought it would be easy.’
    • ‘One lad used to sail on the pond in an old iron bathtub; sometimes waterhens' eggs would be taken and cooked to eat.’