Definition of wateriness in English:



See watery

‘Other than the wateriness, it was really quite good, if a bit too spicy for my tastes.’
  • ‘It has all the flavor of a bell pepper packed into a wall with one half the thickness, and none of the wateriness to chew your way through.’
  • ‘Milking staff should look for clots, strings, wateriness or discolouration of milk.’
  • ‘Judged by wateriness alone, the state is closer to the Netherlands than Nebraska.’
  • ‘It will lessen the itchiness, wateriness and the redness of the sore eyes.’



/ˈwôdərēnəs/ /ˈwɔdərinəs/ /ˈwädərēnəs/ /ˈwɑdərinəs/