Definition of watering hole in English:

watering hole

Pronunciation /ˈwɔdərɪŋ ˌhoʊl/

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  • 1A waterhole from which animals regularly drink.

    ‘Well imagine there's three gazelles, right, drinking at a watering hole, yeah?’
    • ‘At the few remaining watering holes, wolves lie in wait for wild camels.’
    • ‘In a terrestrial context this scenario might be likened to gazelles, wildebeests, and lions gathering around a watering hole.’
    • ‘I have a regular watering hole, so you do get to know the staff who work there.’
    • ‘However, most Maasai males in the southwestern region of arid plains spend their youth moving with family cattle herds from watering hole to watering hole - a lifestyle that leaves little time for school.’
    • ‘Although dry and dusty in fall, come spring these rock aquariums will shelter baby shrimp and serve as wildlife watering holes.’
    • ‘The crater floor is dotted with watering holes and holds almost 30,000 wild animals.’
    • ‘Unattended sensors under development can be placed at key transit points (such as watering holes or mountain passes) and alert analysts to activity.’
    • ‘They flew silently, a very, very deliberate silence, entering the canopy through a large circular opening and landed at the shores of the watering hole they had all flown over so many times before without ever daring to fly lower.’
    • ‘We were distressed by the sight of children having to fetch and carry water from a watering hole.’
    • ‘There were hoof prints at the watering holes, deer or boar or both.’
    • ‘You would see his staff along the wall, and he would turn their to them and they would act like - like a deer or antelope at the watering hole when the lion raises his head from drinking.’
    • ‘He said the closure of the lake would hinder the social life of locals because it was the only watering hole close to Three Springs and surrounding areas.’
    • ‘It is also a popular watering hole to gaggles of geese which fly in from time to time.’
    • ‘The children of a cattle rancher found the California red-legged frogs while playing around watering holes on their property, wildlife officials said Tuesday.’
    • ‘Turn to your left and five long necks emerge over the horizon as giraffes head for a watering hole, past a herd of wildebeest keeping their eyes peeled for a glimpse of a leopard.’
    • ‘Delora stood up looking at the waterfall that filled up the watering hole.’
    • ‘In the wild, tigers prefer to stay in cool shady places and visit the watering holes at least three to four times during summer days, say experts.’
    • ‘Ira eyes his friend, instincts kicking in - picture a gazelle at a communal watering hole, ears pricked for lurking carnivores.’
    • ‘The setting sun cast elongated shadows over the flat landscape and welcomed blood-sucking insects to an evening of feasting around the small watering hole.’
    watering hole, watering place, water hole, spring
    1. 1.1 informal A tavern or bar.
      • ‘a watering hole for singles’
      • ‘The group also acquired two prestigious watering holes among a dozen pubs and hotels earlier this year.’
      • ‘He eases his leg onto the adjacent barstool at the Roadside Inn, the town watering hole, and takes a sip from a frothy mug of beer.’
      • ‘Anyway, I'd just like to say thanks to everybody for making Whiskey Bar such a friendly watering hole - and a special thanks to those of you who've helped cover the bar tab.’
      • ‘Therefore, we can all go to the wedding, then duck down to the hotel bar or similar watering hole to view the game.’
      • ‘You could spend long, deliciously miserable evenings in a corner of your local watering hole, grizzling into your beer and moaning to your mates about the general unhappiness of your lot.’
      • ‘Now that nobody's smoking, I've noticed there's a curious new aroma wafting around our local watering holes.’
      • ‘However, it's not all that's on the menu in local watering holes.’
      • ‘So, last night, to celebrate being in the new flat for a week we decided to visit the third of our local watering holes.’
      • ‘Perhaps best known as a watering hole, the bar also has a menu that aims to please, with everything from comforting homebakes to late-night tapas, via a broad and recently extended brunch menu.’
      • ‘Not only is there no time to do anything else, there's no time to look for a watering hole the locals might actually go to.’
      • ‘You can buy a bottle of beer and sit alone in your room or drink in more up-market watering holes!’
      • ‘Down in the rabbit warren of watering holes off Walking Street, and opposite the Marine Bar, is a new live music bar/nightclub.’
      • ‘Another trio is discussing the best watering holes in the Far East.’
      • ‘Middle-aged women don't usually cause overnight literary sensations, especially when they live in isolated valleys hours from the watering holes of Soho.’
      • ‘Some watering holes continue to run merrily till late into the night while everyone knows that for the dancing-singing bars, the deadline is dawn!’
      • ‘While several versions may be heard, especially at the island's more popular watering holes, it seems everyone agrees on one point.’
      • ‘With nothing much in the way between the watering holes, certainly no hills to speak of, we looked set for the perfect pub crawl.’
      • ‘And as part of their project, they visited a range of watering holes throughout central Hull to see what kind of drink dispensers are already used, in a scheme tailor-made for students.’
      • ‘The rain eventually stopped and the die hard golfers emerged from the watering holes to carry on with their round.’
      • ‘What's said at the watering hole should stay at the watering hole.’