Definition of waterleaf in English:



  • A North American woodland plant with bell-shaped flowers and leaves that appear to be stained with water.

    Genus Hydrophyllum, family Hydrophyllaceae

    ‘The wildflowers, many of which bloom in May, include waterleaf, wild ginger, red trillium, Jack-in-the-pulpit, smooth and woolly blue violet, Solomon's seal, false Solomon's seal, and enchanter's nightshade.’
    • ‘Wildflowers include miner's lettuce, lacepod, a buttercup, and the showy fiesta flower (a member of the same family as waterleaf).’
    • ‘Goldenseal root is always bright yellow on the inside, whereas Canadian waterleaf is not.’
    • ‘Pacific waterleaf is a rhizomatous perennial with fleshy roots and a solitary stem that arises from 20-80 cm.’
    • ‘Some tribes boiled or steamed the large and fleshy roots of ballhead waterleaf with the bulbs of yellow glacier lily.’



/ˈwôtərlēf/ /ˈwɔtərlif/