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  • A large wheel driven by flowing water, used to work machinery or to raise water to a higher level.

    ‘Surviving machinery includes a waterwheel, shaft and stones, although it hasn't worked since the 1920s.’
    • ‘A stone basin, sealed with pitch, was added later, to combat the problem of silting, and this provided drinking water for ships; it also powered a small waterwheel used to raise water from the basin.’
    • ‘He applied mechanics to improve turbines and waterwheels more than doubling the efficiency of the waterwheel.’
    • ‘The lower stone was fixed and the upper one turned by the machinery (driven by a waterwheel in this case).’
    • ‘The remains appear to represent the base of the wheel pit for a vertical waterwheel.’
    • ‘Because of the size of the engine, it is started using power from the waterwheel, which is on the opposite side of the mill, through the main drive shaft.’
    • ‘The huge waterwheel drove two pumps and the lathe.’
    • ‘A sluice gate, half hidden behind the roof of the mill, controls the water to power the waterwheel.’
    • ‘In early medieval Europe, waterwheels powered olive presses, crushed mash, drove pumps, and operated the bellows of the blacksmith's furnace and forge.’
    • ‘It is no different in function from the waterwheel on the old mill.’
    • ‘Near the bridge is an old mill complete with a waterwheel which has been restored by the same Trust which looks after the Heritage Centre.’
    • ‘In an era when the nonmuscular power sources included only a few types of sails and waterwheels, such a realization was no small matter.’
    • ‘The remains consist of the central mill chamber, where the waterwheels were housed between the two mill buildings.’
    • ‘On weekends, you can witness the mill in operation; the waterwheel provides a never-ending display of splashes in the sunlight.’
    • ‘By 1812 Jefferson had three threshing machines in operation, two powered by horses and one by a waterwheel.’
    • ‘Power was needed, so he slung a waterwheel in a nearby stream and added a steam auxiliary generator for good measure.’
    • ‘He also designed waterwheels in Ulm and made mathematical and surveying instruments, particularly ones with military applications.’
    • ‘While describing his contributions to fluid mechanics we should also note the contributions he made to the study of waterwheels and pumps.’
    • ‘Set to watch the sheep, he would instead build model waterwheels, and other gadgets, and the sheep would often escape.’
    • ‘Her father eventually made a waterwheel down by the river to charge a car battery and ran a radio from that.’



/ˈwôdərˌ(h)wēl/ /ˈwɔdərˌ(h)wil/ /ˈwädərˌ(h)wēl/ /ˈwɑdərˌ(h)wil/