Definition of wave function in English:

wave function


  • A function that satisfies a wave equation and describes the properties of a wave.

    ‘The bizarre quantum-mechanical ‘photon’ is described by a wave function that basically can give us probabilities that the photon will hit any point on your detector.’
    • ‘Shortly after the advancement of the Schrödinger equation German physicist Max Born postulated that the wave function could be used to determine the probability of finding a particle in a particular region at a specific time.’
    • ‘All objects have a wave function which represents the probability of locating that object at a particular point in space.’
    • ‘Entangled particles are inextricably entwined because they share the same wave function, or quantum description, and therefore, in a sense, the same future.’
    • ‘This leads one to the postulate that in two spatial dimensions, particles can obey statistics where swapping the particles results in multiplying the wave function by a phase factor where is not an integer multiple of pi.’


wave function

/wāv ˈfəNG(k)SHən/ /weɪv ˈfəŋ(k)ʃən/