Definition of wave number in English:

wave number


  • The number of waves in a unit distance.

    ‘Because of the nature of the integrand, v may represent any spectral variable (frequency, wavelength, wave number or energy).’
    • ‘The integration variable in Eq. 1 may be any spectral variable, wavelength, wave number, energy or frequency.’
    • ‘The spectra were first converted from wavelength to wave number and then fitted with a superposition of Gaussians.’
    • ‘A dynamic light scattering setup was used to study the undulations of freely suspended planar lipid bilayers, the so-called black lipid membranes, over a previously inaccessible range of frequency and wave number.’
    • ‘Changing the temperature from above to below the lipid phase transition shifted the band position to somewhat higher wave numbers.’


wave number

/wāv ˈnəmbər/ /weɪv ˈnəmbər/