Definition of waveform in English:



  • A curve showing the shape of a wave at a given time.

    ‘As the pulse evolves the carrier wave can therefore become out of phase with the amplitude envelope, which can lead to a variety of different electric-field waveforms.’
    • ‘I used to do signal integrity work on circuits, which involved capturing waveforms on an oscilloscope and verifying that voltages were what they should be and that there wasn't too much noise.’
    • ‘A bipolar waveform can be in the form of sine waves, or other wave shapes.’
    • ‘Including such intervals into the basalt layer, we have matched the amplitudes and waveforms of many features observed in the magnetic anomaly field.’
    • ‘Key to the whole setup is the ability to produce laser pulses with exactly the same waveform from one pulse to the next, Krausz says.’



/ˈwāvfôrm/ /ˈweɪvfɔrm/