Definition of wax myrtle in English:

wax myrtle

Pronunciation /waks ˈmərdl/ /wæks ˈmərdl/


  • An evergreen bayberry, especially the common Myrica cerifera of the southern US. The wax covering its nutlets is used for making scented candles.

    ‘I'm also looking at cherry laurel or wax myrtle as a privacy hedge.’
    • ‘In the northeastern part of the area is a sand ridge supporting turkey oak, sand live oak, wax myrtle, Chapman oak, and longleaf pine.’
    • ‘In winter, when the dogwoods and Japanese maples lose their leaves and the perennials disappear for the season, the yard is still masked from view by broad-leafed evergreens, such as rhododendrons, camellias, wax myrtle, and boxwood.’
    • ‘A lush hammock of live oak and wax myrtle engulfed the bank, making it nearly impossible to see the 50-foot-wide spring.’
    • ‘Native buttonbush and Southern wax myrtle put up with poor drainage.’
    • ‘Native shrubs scattered beneath the canopy include buttonbush, dahoon holly, Virginia willow and wax myrtle.’
    • ‘Other hedge plants for backyard retreats include Mexican orange, Pacific wax myrtle, Pittosporum tobira, and strawberry tree.’
    • ‘Their ability to digest the wax on wax myrtle and other berries is unique among the warblers and allows them to winter farther north than most other members of the family.’
    • ‘In addition to the oaks, the city lost wax myrtles, hackberries, weeping willows and magnolias.’