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  • A list of passengers or goods being carried on a vehicle.

    ‘an air waybill’
    • ‘a sea waybill’
    • ‘It quickly and accurately transforms the data on their cargo air waybills into a stream of financial and strategic information.’
    • ‘A big man in a cowboy hat, his fist full of invoices and waybills, had climbed down from the tractor and was walking over to the warehouse door.’
    • ‘A similar direction was printed clearly on the waybills that accompanied the shipment.’
    • ‘The company uses another document, called a waybill, for shipments in transit, and ultimately generates a number of other electronic and paper documents for the shipper and recipient.’
    • ‘Your Honours, I will hand up a copy of exhibit 15, which is the air waybill.’
    • ‘It also gave a different shipper and airline - in fact, all three copies of the air waybill have different firms on them.’
    • ‘According to the Times, some model railroad clubs run ‘highly disciplined monthly operations sessions that simulate the running of the real railroad, complete with rule books, job titles, timetables and waybills.’’
    • ‘At NorthMart's office, Frank Alainga was swamped by stacks of cargo waybills that he was putting in order.’
    • ‘He says the waybills state that the company is not responsible for the contents of parcels it transports.’
    • ‘At the end of the trip, he has to go through another round of number crunching to tally the waybill with the collection before entrusting it to the cash counter.’
    • ‘Investigations are now centring on how the bogus caller managed to obtain the waybill number.’



/ˈwāˌbil/ /ˈweɪˌbɪl/