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  • We shall; we will.

    ‘Interest was high amongst the gang, and it looks like we'll be playing again soon.’
    • ‘She's gone to bed a lot happier now but I guess we'll have to keep an eye her until the results are known.’
    • ‘Ah well - we'll figure something out for us to do tonight that will be fun for everyone.’
    • ‘This is the first of a couple of introductory questions that we'll return to later in the series.’
    • ‘At the resort we met some wonderful folks that we hope we'll get a chance to see again.’
    • ‘This week we'll be doing more improvisation and working from scripts for the first time.’
    • ‘We hope to return to Durham before too long, and when we do we'll definitely try out this treat.’
    • ‘We're looking to get people involved in the sport and we'll be coming back again next year.’
    • ‘The more people, and the more diverse they are, the better and smarter we'll all be.’
    • ‘However, it still does what it says it does, and I dare say we'll all get used to it.’
    • ‘We will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and we'll be back stronger than ever.’
    • ‘Because it has been working so well, I know that in a couple of years we'll be able to give up the day job.’
    • ‘With the financial constraints at this club we'll maybe have to start taking a gamble.’
    • ‘If he remains fit this season, there's no way we'll be able to keep him next season.’
    • ‘The difference was that the centre had shifted to the right, for reasons we'll come to.’



/wēl/ /wil/