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  • Lacking the ability to resist influence or to restrain one's own impulses; irresolute.

    ‘he is weak-willed and indecisive’
    • ‘Rather, her accountability is intrinsic to her weak-willed action itself.’
    • ‘The left looked like weak-willed hypocrites; the right like bullies who couldn't take care of their own mess.’
    • ‘Being a weak-willed type, I hate the curse of New Year's resolutions!’
    • ‘Clearly, his wife is dumb and his child weak-willed.’
    • ‘Yates has little time for such dishonesty and weak-willed pretension.’
    • ‘He's a strong man, a strong leader because you don't get to the top in business by being weak-willed.’
    • ‘I'm so weak-willed I must be ensured of a steady stream of nicotine, even when I'm asleep.’
    • ‘Kids aren't all weak-willed robots, you know.’
    • ‘It's not easy being a mindless malleable weak-willed consumer; you have to be ready to go on a moment's notice, just like a firefighter.’
    • ‘Yet, for all that, he was vain and weak-willed and insecure - qualities that do not make for good Roman emperors.’
    • ‘Vienna is not a place for the weak-willed dieter.’
    • ‘Again, the answer is that these people can't control their lives because they are weak-willed.’
    • ‘After all, an "ideologically well-grounded" but weak-willed soldier will be of little use in a combat situation.’
    • ‘Although genuinely compassionate, he is also naïve, weak-willed and, like most politicians, rather too easily flattered.’
    • ‘There are widespread negative attitudes that adults who are morbidly obese are weak-willed, ugly, awkward, self-indulgent, and immoral.’
    • ‘If you're a vegan, eschewing all animal products, you most likely turn up your nose at weak-willed vegetarians who succumb to cheese.’
    • ‘I demanded to speak to the proprietor, a weak-willed man who claimed that the youths were only enjoying some music before attending a scout meeting.’
    • ‘Although there are people who wish to help me, many of them are weak-willed and others, though having a strong spirit, cannot act upon their intentions.’
    • ‘But his weak-willed characters never go through with their emotional crimes, so the book is filled with almost-disasters.’
    • ‘I am pretty weak-willed when it comes to seeking success and breakthrough.’
    irresolute, spineless, weak, weak-minded, impressionable, indecisive, doubtful, unassertive, persuadable, persuasible, submissive, compliant, pusillanimous, weak-kneed
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/ˌwēkˈwild/ /ˌwikˈwɪld/