Definition of weak sister in English:

weak sister


informal North American
  • A weak, ineffectual, or unreliable member of a group.

    • ‘Birdsell was a weak sister. He was known to be greedy and a physical coward’
    • ‘This cannot erase his record as a weak sister during the Cold War.’
    • ‘If anything, he was inclined to dismiss monetary policy as the weak sister of economic stimulus.’
    • ‘Yet most stations willing to sell time in such blocks are A radio's weak sisters - suburban stations with poor signals and awful ratings, where listeners and sponsors rarely go.’
    • ‘Golf is the only game where the weak are propped up and the strong penalized - which, of course, is why so many people play it, there being a lot more weak sisters around than top dogs.’
    • ‘San Diego has outscored Kansas City and Denver and completely slammed the door on weak sisters like Cleveland.’
    • ‘Since its creation a decade ago, the European Medicines Agency has played the weak sister to its older, more powerful, and better-funded, counterpart, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.’
    • ‘But anyone who pities herself for more than a month on end is a weak sister and likely to become a public nuisance besides.’
    • ‘As Tropical Depression 11 turned into Hurricane Jeanne, it is a weak sister by comparison to everything else that went by the Bahamas this hurricane season.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, multiculturalism is wrongly seen as the weak sister by many academicians, Padilla said.’
    • ‘When you have four major championships played during the course of a year, one of them has to rate as the weak sister of the bunch.’


weak sister

/wēk ˈsistər/ /wik ˈsɪstər/