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  • 1Damaged or worn by exposure to the weather.

    ‘a tiny weather-beaten church’
    • ‘There are also contemplative zones, like a fragrant garden for smell, the colour garden and a pool of lilies for sight, and a tactile area strewn with weather-beaten rocks to stimulate the sense of touch.’
    • ‘Pulling into Pol-i-Alam, the small, dusty provincial capital, we made our way to the plain, weather-beaten building that serves as the office of the governor.’
    • ‘This would place the bones' arrival in the early part of the 19th century, which is consistent with a 1905 photograph showing the bones already tattered and weather-beaten.’
    • ‘It had a small shady verandah with weather-beaten wooden benches round the edge, and I sank on to one with an ice-cold beer in my hand and my toes digging into the cool sand.’
    • ‘Storm-swiped vessels with broken masts and tattered sails beached alongside the dock, frail and weather-beaten, but home from the squall.’
    • ‘There, in the middle of a cornfield, just beyond a row of housing projects, sits a weather-beaten ghost town called Westec City.’
    • ‘A typical Chinese village consists of a cluster of weather-beaten stone houses or mud huts surrounded by open fields where each family tills a small plot.’
    • ‘St Nicholas' Church has been granted more than £130,000 by English Heritage to repair the weather-beaten building.’
    • ‘The work to restore the clock and tower above the market hall began in October as it had become weather-beaten and the materials had deteriorated.’
    • ‘Its entrance is a weather-beaten door sandwiched between an occult bookshop and a ritual shop on Vaughan Road.’
    • ‘At one point, the guide gestured to a weather-beaten stone cross, saying that it had stood for at least 1,000 years.’
    • ‘The weather-beaten windows, with their peeling paint, will go, as will the threadbare carpet in the games room.’
    • ‘The highest point along a wide volcano crater is marked by a weather-beaten cross.’
    • ‘The weather-beaten signboard contains the same information in Urdu and Gujrathi also.’
    • ‘The buildings are tall, weather-beaten grey sandstone, a pleasing jumble of medieval and modern.’
    • ‘The shoreline was ten feet away, lined with weather-beaten fossils of forgotten fishing boats.’
    • ‘They still live in the duplex, now old and weather-beaten.’
    • ‘The train sweeps along the valley along Suisun Bay, where a collection of weather-beaten old ships from WWII sit looking forlorn in the still water.’
    • ‘As we turned off the road and headed towards the main gate, we were confronted by a massive pair of wooden gates, set in a very old weather-beaten gate lodge.’
    • ‘Nobody is likely to pay attention to the brown weather-beaten apartment.’
    creased, wrinkly, lined, covered with lines, crinkled, crinkly, furrowed, grooved, ridged, crumpled, puckered, shrivelled, wizened
    1. 1.1(of a person or a person's face) having skin that is lined and tanned or reddened through prolonged time spent outdoors.
      ‘a weather-beaten old face’
      • ‘a weather-beaten traveler’
      • ‘He's got so many lines on his weather-beaten old face his Botox bill would be enormous.’
      • ‘Today he's a small wiry man with weather-beaten tanned skin, an equally small moustache, sparkly eyes and a ready grin.’
      • ‘Their features were at once craggy and dour, their skin tough-looking and weather-beaten.’
      • ‘Well, it all starts with an old weather-beaten fisherman who complains to the wise and worldly Dr. Yano that the heavily-polluted water of Suruga Bay can no longer sustain fish.’
      • ‘‘Oh, I see,’ said Marcus, and smiled at her, the grizzled smile of a weather-beaten old man.’
      • ‘In the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington a middle-aged woman with a weather-beaten face and a brown wig sits on a milk crate demonstrating against US foreign policy - as she has done for the last 21 years.’
      • ‘The weather-beaten faces staring out from old photographs are no longer around to tell of the hardships of life in a remote mining community 100 years ago.’
      • ‘Nose bent impossibly over a weather-beaten face, he looks much older than his 46 years.’
      • ‘His hair uncombed, his face weather-beaten and drawn, he looks perhaps a decade older than his 42 years.’
      • ‘I'd have said ‘Don't be crazy,’ he says, his weather-beaten face creasing into a smile.’
      • ‘Her face was worn and weather-beaten, but it creased into the recollection of a smile.’
      • ‘McCarthy's angular face, a weather-beaten mask of crags and furrows, hides an inner core filled with Yorkshire steel and Irish charm.’
      • ‘A frown of irritation creased his brown and weather-beaten face, obscured by a scraggly black beard that tended to make him rather inscrutable, and probably enhanced his reputation amongst the villagers.’
      • ‘Thousands listened to this man with a weather-beaten face, long hair parted like a woman's, eyes flashing, clothes a mass of rags, a big toe protruding from a moccasin.’
      • ‘He asks me to take a look at the other hunt supporters gathered around: country folk all, many with weather-beaten faces and flat Yorkshire accents to go with their caps.’
      • ‘She is now in her early 40s, weather-beaten and prematurely aged, wearing only a tattered, faded sari that ends high above the ankles.’
      • ‘He sat at the centre of the table, looking down, as weather-beaten and differently dressed and slightly alien as a deep-sea fisherman.’
      • ‘He was a man of thirty-four or thirty-five years of age, dressed in some grey material, sharp-nosed, alert, with a ruddy, weather-beaten face, and a small, closely cropped, black beard.’
      • ‘At the Lima meeting, the intense, weather-beaten faces of stocky Andean men light up as they passionately take the floor, one after another, on behalf of their communities' concerns.’
      • ‘A wide-brimmed hat was pulled down low over his eyes, but Alanis could still see them, surprisingly watchful and aware, glittering at her, like two black beetles in a weather-beaten face.’
      • ‘Smiles can be seen on the weather-beaten faces of those who have been able to pocket this year's pay.’
      tanned, suntanned, brown, bronzed, bronze, browned, perma-tanned, weather-beaten



/ˈweT͟Hərˌbētn/ /ˈwɛðərˌbitn/