Definition of weather map in English:

weather map


  • A map showing the state of the weather over a large area.

    ‘On a weather map, a warm front is denoted by a line with red semicircles pointing in the direction of travel.’
    • ‘They become very good amateur meteorologists and can look at a synoptic weather map to see when, and where, they would get the best visibility.’
    • ‘The warm front symbol on a weather map marks the warm-cold boundary at the earth's surface.’
    • ‘The weather map symbol for a cold front is a blue line with triangles pointing in the direction the cold air is moving.’
    • ‘Where can I obtain a weather map of the USA showing the fronts, etc., published on a particular date?’
    • ‘I opened up my handy weather forecasting program, and looked at the weather map.’
    • ‘Those are great storm systems to have on your weather map.’
    • ‘The lower the air pressure and the closer the isobars are on a weather map, the faster the winds will rotate and the bigger the swell will get, resulting in larger waves.’
    • ‘Global warming is thought to be transforming the weather map of the United Kingdom and recent years have seen a series of floods in southern England.’
    • ‘You'd have to know where Dallas is and how to read a weather map.’
    • ‘Further to our earlier posts, the BBC has now altered the projection of their new weather map in order to show more of the north and Scotland.’
    • ‘They check the weather map for all of Europe to see if they can't go somewhere else.’
    • ‘There's a small semi-circle on the weather map where no snow has fallen.’
    • ‘This diagram is the same as the one above except that the major pressure and wind zones have been replaced by a typical isobaric weather map.’
    • ‘They check the BBC's online weather map to spot torrential rain soaking the UK while it is 106F in Delhi and read up the latest news on the web.’
    • ‘Here is the up-to-the-minute Channel 5 weather map.’
    • ‘On the TV in the corner, there was the familiar multi-color weather map.’
    • ‘The BBC will introduce a change to the perspective of its new 3D weather map after carefully assessing feedback from viewers.’
    • ‘First things first - compare and contrast the BBC's current European weather map with the one for North America.’
    • ‘They then create the color-coded weather maps that you see on our service and also send us the city five day forecasts.’
    • ‘They were told, for instance, how isobars are plotted on weather maps by the hour, how radiosonde balloons are primed and sent up to make upper air measurements and how ozone levels are monitored.’


weather map

/ˈweT͟Hər ˌmap/ /ˈwɛðər ˌmæp/