Definition of weather station in English:

weather station


  • An observation post where weather conditions and meteorological data are observed and recorded.

    • ‘In the first half of the century there were no satellites or radar, and it wasn't until 1921 that a weather station was established on Willis Island.’
    • ‘Belmullet (which is the closest weather station to Sligo) recorded the highest total rainfall for the month at 206 millilitres.’
    • ‘The local weather station recorded almost 140 mm of rain between Friday morning and yesterday morning.’
    • ‘Temperatures recorded at the coldest weather station in South Africa, Buffelsfontein near Molteno, have shown that June was by far the coldest month of the year in the area since 1994.’
    • ‘And, back in 2000 we reported on an automated weather station that had been set up at the North Pole and was sending back data.’
    • ‘We are introducing the concept of making a school weather station.’
    • ‘By linking to your computer you can then feed that information directly to a web site and have your own weather station that can be viewed on the Internet by anybody day or night.’
    • ‘At Belmullet (the nearest weather station to Sligo) rainfall totals were 14% above normal for the time of year.’
    • ‘John Campbell, a meteorologist who also lives in Monteverde, had been keeping daily records of temperature and rainfall since 1973 at a weather station on the study site.’
    • ‘At lunchtime on Saturday, Coldstones weather station was recording a wind chill temperature of minus 10 degrees.’
    • ‘An automatic weather station was also installed to record rainfall, wind speed and wind direction.’
    • ‘Alan Pemberton, of Huntington, recorded 21 mm of rain at his miniature weather station on Wednesday, and in the first week of July the figure was 28 mm.’
    • ‘Interested members of the Club have been taking the measurements for some time and they are now hopeful of getting a full weather station established in the area in March or April of this year.’
    • ‘Other local opinions/theories have called the facility a weather station, an atmospheric test facility, and a radar site.’
    • ‘Meteorologist Graham Fullarton, who has a weather station in his garden, is predicting that September will be a sizzler.’
    • ‘During the experiment, environmental conditions were monitored using an automated weather station located in a forest clearing near to the trees studied.’
    • ‘The estimated crop water use is calculated based on local weather information collected at an automated weather station.’
    • ‘Now a government minister has announced that readings will instead be taken from a Met Office weather station 12 miles away high on the hills at Wood head.’
    • ‘For the last experiment, weather data were obtained from a weather station located on the research site.’
    • ‘Hourly meteorological data (air temperature, precipitation and solar radiation) were measured at an automated weather station 300 m from the field site.’


weather station

/ˈwɛðər ˌsteɪʃən/