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  • Worn by long exposure to the atmosphere; weather-beaten.

    ‘weathered rock’
    • ‘A welter of ancient corridors in a ruin gives way to a clear space, contained within a circle of weathered obelisks.’
    • ‘Our children bring children to bless her, her face more weathered than mine.’
    • ‘We all trudged down to The Hazards, which are a chain of weathered granite domes.’
    • ‘Randy Eckert, owner of the old Steltzenriede property, stands in the loft of his old, weathered barn.’
    • ‘Ahead lies Bynack's shapely summit ridge of weathered granite.’
    • ‘He is in his late 20s with a weathered face.’
    • ‘The last of his schools, Catholic-run St Francis Xavier's College, is still there; a weathered 1950s building.’
    • ‘The visitor is drawn into the building between huge weathered industrial Corten steel wings.’
    • ‘Individuals can be collected by hand from weathered portions of the limestone.’
    • ‘The canvases seem to have arisen from excavation; their weathered, oxidised appearance has an architectural appeal.’
    • ‘In a small fishing village in Cuba, Santiago, an old, weathered fisherman has just gone 84 days without catching a fish.’
    • ‘We pull up in front of a weathered frame house tucked behind a real-estate office on a busy main road.’
    • ‘The result was a graceful shell of weathered brick, rose-coloured with tall, symmetrically disposed openings on each side.’
    • ‘A tool to scrape away weathered surfaces of rocks will expose fresh surfaces for close-up study.’
    • ‘His tanned, weathered hands firmly gripped the steering wheel.’
    • ‘Seated at the weathered picnic table, we wrote notes to their mother.’
    • ‘Gates of bamboo or weathered wood will typically let you know where you're not welcome.’
    • ‘The French media kept the weathered faces of the disgruntled farmers in the press for months.’
    • ‘The weathered speedboats line up along three small piers every morning, right next to large police boats that patrol the strait.’
    • ‘There are no green-covered trees to shelter us from the icy north blasts, just the weathered clapboard of this rickety house.’
    weather-beaten, eroded, worn, disintegrating, crumbling
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/ˈweT͟Hərd/ /ˈwɛðərd/