Definition of weathertight in English:



  • (of a building) sealed against rain and wind.

    ‘the house was warm and weathertight’
    ‘the builders knew how to construct weathertight homes’
    • ‘Hence, an architect's most fundamental charge is to design a weathertight building.’
    • ‘Instead, that $100 million the Government is spending on the weathertight homes bureaucracy is, according to the Government, to provide a quick and speedy resolution to the problem of rotting homes.’
    • ‘In ideal conditions, a house constructed with a timber frame can be windproof and weathertight in days and completed in six to eight weeks.’
    • ‘It's an oldish building, but it's nice, fairly weathertight, and fits my needs.’
    • ‘The local authority undertook the works to the roof with insufficient regard for the importance of programming the completion of sections of the re-roofing to ensure that the roof was at all times weathertight.’
    • ‘Fiterman Hall is weathertight, with little mold.’