Definition of web-enable in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Make accessible via or compatible with the World Wide Web.

    ‘a project to web-enable legacy accounting systems’
    • ‘web-enable your small business’
    • ‘The technology also allows firms to add application firewall functions to web-enabled business transactions.’
    • ‘Online and web-enabled hotel bookings make up the majority of this business.’
    • ‘I've written several articles on web-enabled marketing and the need for simplicity when designing a web site, with content that is tailored for the online community.’
    • ‘Think of these as highly compact, web-enabled server appliances having a variety of application-specific task assignments.’
    • ‘Dublin City University took a bold step into the 21st century yesterday with its latest innovation - providing exam results online via web-enabled mobile phones.’
    • ‘To be truly web-enabled the user has to be able to interact with the back-end system.’
    • ‘They were doing it because they needed to web-enable their existing applications.’
    • ‘Many vehicle manufacturers have realigned their internal structures, sales models and supplier interaction to become fully Internet web-enabled.’
    • ‘And it has now found a place in the exclusive club of libraries providing web-enabled access to their online public access catalogue.’
    • ‘The company's modern approach to employment services includes on-line web-enabled training and job search.’
    • ‘This easy-to-use web-enabled software has 30 fully integrated modules that will be of benefit to every department in your business.’
    • ‘We continue to migrate these systems to a more modern, web-enabled architecture.’
    • ‘By web-enabling this system and building appropriate security safeguards, the government will also bring in the much-needed transparency and eliminate ad hoc decisions, the sources add.’
    • ‘‘We invested €9.5 million in a complete relaunch of our front office systems, which we web-enabled,’ Kelly said.’
    • ‘He also highlights a web-enabled system that permits small publishers to forge direct links with individual stores.’
    • ‘It bought the consultancy business in order to increase its focus on facilitating companies to web-enable their business.’
    • ‘Just web-enabling existing practices alone will bring the industry no closer to this coveted goal.’
    • ‘This allows buyers and sellers to participate globally in exchanges, e-procurement and web-enabled supply-chains.’
    • ‘He said they had made a ‘huge investment’ in web-enabling their products last year as banks and insurance companies sought to win new business over the internet.’
    • ‘I used to live in New York and London, but as my career became 100% web-enabled it made little sense living somewhere that wasn't cheap and easy.’