Definition of Web 2.0 in English:

Web 2.0


  • The second stage of development of the World Wide Web, characterized especially by the change from static web pages to dynamic or user-generated content and the growth of social media.

    ‘Web 2.0 is kind of the apotheosis of the vanity press.’
    • ‘Much ink, electronic and atomic, has been expended on the subject of social networking and web 2.0.’
    • ‘Business and marketing skills will be essential as will the ability to leverage read-write media tools such as those we currently classify as web 2.0.’
    • ‘Sarah is probably Silicon Valley's best-connected reporter, having covered the tech scene for Business Week and Yahoo as well as literally writing the book on the superstars of web 2.0.’
    • ‘I just learnt that several thousand people attended the web 2.0 conference last year, no doubt why so many media knows this word.’
    • ‘The biggest stumbling block, and that which O'Reilly is trying to overcome on his latest speaking tour, is that both the consumer and the company must sacrifice their control in order to succeed with web 2.0.’
    • ‘But what other stats do you need to measure when you're charting the 2 way web, the interactive web, web 2.0, the one where we all share and comment and contribute?’
    • ‘Irony aside, this is something of a web 2.0 reboot, with some lessons learned by coming full circle with technologies that are right for the web.’
    • ‘The phenomenon has been variously labelled as Web 2.0, or social computing, but the term ‘social web’ is a more accurate description since it invokes the concept of people and relationships that are supported and enabled by technology’
    • ‘The dark side of Web 2.0 is that there are more ways to do harm to your neighbour online as people distance themselves through anonymity and thus use the identity-less side of the web to attack’


Web 2.0

/web to͞o point ˈō/ /wɛb tu pɔɪnt ˈoʊ/