Definition of webwork in English:



  • A mesh or network of links or connecting pieces.

    ‘a webwork of beams and girders’
    • ‘As Daniel struggles to understand the webwork of relationships within the family - and his growing attraction to his cousin - the audience is gifted the odd flashback to help join up some of the dots.’
    • ‘These different interconnections between the many regulatory genes, if diagrammed fully, would form an intricate webwork, much more complex that the few arrows in this cartoon.’
    • ‘With exhaustive detail, it patiently recreates an entire society, showing the webwork of behavior and convention that obstructs and defeats our best intentions.’
    • ‘We never considered the possibility that we might be trapped in the webwork of communication and transport that was supposed to make us free.’
    • ‘Deep creases puckered the corners of his eyes and etched a spider-thin webwork of lines around his mouth.’
    • ‘In the US a baroque webwork of agencies shares responsibilities for determining safe levels of chemical residue in and on food.’
    • ‘Minute fungi overspread the whole exterior, hanging in a fine tangled webwork from the eaves.’
    web, criss-cross, grid, lattice, net, matrix, mesh, webbing, tracery, trellis



/ˈwebwərk/ /ˈwɛbwərk/