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transitive verbtransitive verb weds, transitive verb wedding, past participle verb wedded, past participle verb wed

[with object]
  • 1 literary, archaic Get married to.

    • ‘he was to wed the king's daughter’
    marry, be married, get married, be wed, become husband and wife, become man and wife, pledge one's troth, plight one's troth
    be married to, get married to, marry, be wed to, take as one's husband, take as one's wife, lead to the altar
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    1. 1.1no object Get married.
      ‘they wed a week after meeting’
      • ‘they were wed in London’
      married, wed, wedded, joined in marriage, joined in matrimony, united in wedlock
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    2. 1.2Give or join in marriage.
      • ‘will you wed your daughter to him?’
  • 2Combine (two factors or qualities, especially desirable ones)

    • ‘in this album he weds an excellent programme with a distinctive vocal style’
    unite, unify, join, link, connect, combine, amalgamate, fuse, integrate, weld, bond, stick together, bring together, knit together, glue, cement, coalesce, merge
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    1. 2.1be wedded toBe obstinately attached or devoted to (an activity, belief, or system)
      ‘the government was wedded to budgetary orthodoxy’
      • ‘foreign policy has remained wedded to outdated assumptions’
      dedicated to, devoted to, attached to, fixated on, obsessive about, fanatical about, single-minded about, addicted to, hell-bent on
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/wed/ /wɛd/


Old English weddian, from the Germanic base of Scots wed ‘a pledge’; related to Latin vas ‘surety’, also to gage.