Definition of Weddell seal in English:

Weddell seal


  • A large mottled gray seal with a small head, ranging farther south than any other seal and breeding on the fast ice of Antarctica.

    Leptonychotes weddelli, family Phocidae

    ‘Pressure chamber tests on Weddell seals and northern elephant seals, and on the excised lungs of bottlenose dolphins show similar patterns of progressive collapse of the airways with exposure to increased pressure.’
    • ‘Undersea images recorded by Weddell seals in Antarctica showed that the seals have surprisingly individual foraging habits.’
    • ‘Hence the testes of Weddell seals, like those of other seals and cetaceans, are internalized, lying between the abdominal muscles and the thick insulating blubber layer.’
    • ‘In California she competes as a triathlete, but each year from September to December she trades in her running shoes, wetsuit, and bicycle for parka, insulated boots, and snowmobile to study Weddell seals in the Antarctic.’
    • ‘By mounting video cameras on the heads of Weddell seals in Antarctic seas, scientists have gained much insight into the life of the seals.’
    • ‘Two groups of dives by Weddell seals covering equal distances but varying in swimming pattern and depth were compared.’
    • ‘For emperor penguins and Weddell seals, satellite telemetry and population studies have provided data on seasonal patterns of habitat use that can be used to address this hypothesis.’
    • ‘Therefore, it appears that emperor penguins and Weddell seals possess similar adaptations to exploit the underwater prey resources available to them within the Ross Sea.’
    • ‘Initial studies on the depth, foraging location, and diet of emperor penguins and Weddell seals suggested that there was a high potential for competition for prey resources.’
    • ‘So perhaps the sunbathing behavior of the Weddell seals is not simply a recreational activity but, rather, integral to the healing of their many wounds.’
    • ‘Two Weddell seals lay on the beach and a leopard seal lurked just offshore.’
    • ‘Researchers fear that if the berg stays put for any length of time, it could again lead to a dangerous build-up of sea ice, blocking access to the sea for the local Adélie penguins, skuas and Weddell seals.’
    • ‘We land in the middle of Long Fjord and walk across the blue ice to a colony of grey slug-like Weddell seals sunbathing with their pups.’
    • ‘She told me that only a second or two after they'd hauled me out a large Weddell seal had leaped up out of the same hole onto the sea ice, startling all the onlookers.’


Weddell seal

/ˈwedl sē(ə)l/ /ˈwɛdl si(ə)l/


Early 20th century named after James Weddell (see Weddell Sea).