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wedding day

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  • The day or anniversary of a wedding.

    ‘Once a bridegroom purchased a pair of shoes for his wedding, only to find on his wedding day he had two shoes for the same foot!’
    • ‘She was holding onto his arm and appeared more nervous than on her wedding day.’
    • ‘Tomorrow is my wedding day and I don't want anyone to talk about what just happened.’
    • ‘Our first kiss was on our wedding day, and it symbolized the new beginning of our life together.’
    • ‘She was begging again; how could one ignore her pleas, especially on her wedding day?’
    • ‘More and more couples just want to come to Adare for their wedding day.’
    • ‘They talk about their children, about how beautiful their wedding day was.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that the groom had to lean on a cane for the wedding photographs, the couple looked much the same as any other on their wedding day.’
    • ‘Yesterday was a special day, being the wedding day of two of my friends.’
    • ‘For a really big party or event such as your wedding day, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair.’
    • ‘He also admits that she looked as beautiful on her wedding day as she did when they first met 32 years before.’
    • ‘If they want to see Shane on his wedding day, then they are very welcome.’
    • ‘It would not be difficult to design a dress for her that would make her look stunning on her wedding day.’
    • ‘As their wedding day approached, she became very nervous about her impending deflowering.’
    • ‘Some parents go to great lengths to provide a memorable wedding day for their children.’
    • ‘Gillian, you got married in the last year, what was the moment you remember most about your wedding day?’
    • ‘I guess you already have lots of thoughts and visions of how your wedding day should be.’
    • ‘Family and friends travelled to join the happy couple on their wedding day.’
    • ‘He didn't want his parents and his sister to be angry with each other on his wedding day.’
    • ‘Parents start buying gold jewellery at the birth of a daughter in preparation for the dowry she will need on her wedding day.’


wedding day

/ˈwediNG ˌdā/ /ˈwɛdɪŋ ˌdeɪ/