Definition of wedding march in English:

wedding march


  • A piece of march music played at the entrance of the bride or the exit of the couple at a wedding.

    • ‘The wedding march was a tune she had always liked.’
    • ‘Phyllis O Keefe played the bridal chorus and wedding march for the bride and groom.’
    • ‘The pianist then began the wedding march and everyone turned back to the doorway.’
    • ‘As the music stopped, then abruptly changed to the familiar wedding march, the entire packed sanctuary rose to its feet as one person.’
    • ‘Finally, the music changed, and the familiar wedding march began.’
    • ‘Soon the bridesmaids were in their places and the organist started to play the wedding march.’
    • ‘The organist began to play a wedding march and the people looked to the back, waiting for the doors to open and the bride to appear.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the hired orchestra starts to play the wedding march, as Amber enters the chapel.’
    • ‘The violins began to play a jaunty wedding march and we began to walk up the aisle.’
    • ‘They smiled at each other as the wedding march sounded.’
    • ‘‘In just a moment the organ will begin the wedding march; that'll be your cue,’ she said easily.’
    • ‘Finally, the organ settled into the formal wedding march and everyone grew deadly silent when the wooden doors to the chapel opened with a loud creak.’
    • ‘The wedding march started, everyone stood up and my dad and I went to the doorway and paused for a few seconds before slowly starting down the aisle.’
    • ‘Finally the guests rose as Chelsea walked slowly down the aisle to ‘The wedding march.’’
    • ‘The wedding march started playing and I walked down the aisle.’
    • ‘While Sonia and Steve are sticking with traditional outfits and vows, the strains of the conventional wedding march will not echo through the church.’
    • ‘I remember standing at the church door waiting for the organist to start playing and as the first notes of the wedding march began I walked up the aisle on my father's arm.’
    • ‘After a few moments of instructions the wedding march began and Emily began her slow walk down the aisle.’
    • ‘Her father Seamus helped fix her train as they waited nervously for the organ to begin the wedding march.’
    • ‘Behind them stood Jasmine and her Father, waiting for the wedding march to begin.’


wedding march

/ˈwɛdɪŋ ˌmɑːtʃ/