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adjectiveadjective weedier, adjective weediest

  • 1Containing or covered with many weeds.

    ‘a weedy path led to the gate’
    • ‘The rain we had through July and into early August left the fields far too weedy to give the cover crops a chance.’
    • ‘The trail led into some weedy areas, through farms, but mostly along motorbike paths with nice scenery.’
    • ‘Now, does anyone else besides me have trouble with weedy gravel paths?’
    • ‘When warmer weather arrived I found the clear patches had become a little weedy, old weed together with the beginning of new green growth.’
    • ‘In very weedy vineyards the weeds may also compete with the vines for light.’
    • ‘Over sod or very weedy areas, I lay down cardboard then cover it with straw, hay, grass clippings or wood chips.’
    • ‘I kept going, past distance markers on an improvised driving range, through a weedy ditch full of golf balls at the end of the camp property, over the guardrail and onto the margin of the state road.’
    • ‘They are suffering because their habitat, such as hedgerows, stubble fields, wet areas and weedy field margins, has been dramatically altered over recent decades.’
    • ‘In a very few cases there were weedy frontages onto the road - it should be the responsibility of each householder to keep their short stretch of roadside clear of weed growth.’
    • ‘There's a very weedy field of corn just north of town.’
    • ‘About 40 women gathered in a weedy field a half-mile away and loudly accused the élite, all-male club of sex discrimination.’
    • ‘The whole village should be clear of weeds within the next week or two with a huge effort made to clear gutters, forecourts of public buildings and other weedy sites.’
    • ‘For example, the discarded stuff in the weedy overgrown fringes of cities and towns is nothing more than litter in the daylight.’
    • ‘In the rough, weedy pastures by the barn and above the hay fields, Michael and Jan keep milk goats and four draft horses.’
    • ‘There were some untidy areas at different points around the village. These consisted mostly of weedy areas.’
    • ‘A small, decomposed body was found in a weedy field about two miles from where the girl disappeared.’
    • ‘Perch, pike and walleye tend to look for shallow, weedy lakes because the oxygen level tends to be a lot higher.’
    • ‘Many of the early-drilled cereal crops are now becoming very weedy and every opportunity must be taken to apply residual herbicides.’
    • ‘Not everyone wants a weedy or untidy garden, but we could encourage more insect food by planting more trees, woody shrubs and wall climbers.’
    1. 1.1Of the nature of or resembling a weed.
      ‘a weedy species of plant’
      • ‘At the pier, he described a stringy plant floating in the murky water as a weedy species that had escaped from aquariums.’
      • ‘According to the magazine, many ecologists say it is only a matter of time before an engineered gene makes the leap to a weedy species, thus creating a new weed or invigorating an old one.’
      • ‘Genes producing desired characteristics in crops could confer adaptive advantages to weedy species, causing problems in valuable wild plant habitats.’
      • ‘But today only weedy species have the capacity to migrate and re-establish thriving populations in new habitats, which invariably are human-disturbed areas.’
      • ‘Invasive species, indeed any weedy species, don't give a hoot about your property boundaries.’
      • ‘When herbicide-resistant crops are commercially grown, it is possible that herbicide-resistant weeds will develop if genes are transferred from the transgenic crop to related weedy species.’
      • ‘We may end up with a bunch of fast-growing weedy species.’
      • ‘Herbaceous, weedy species remained dominant through 1999, and exotic grasses were an important component of the vegetation.’
      • ‘Droughts, floods, or early frost may have caused some or all of the introduced cultigens to fail but may have resulted in bumper yields of the more weedy native species.’
      • ‘At some point humans might have moved from merely tolerating these weedy species to actively saving and sowing the seeds.’
      • ‘Effective control of these weedy species is extremely difficult and infection often results in a significant reduction of crop yields.’
      • ‘However, they may leave scrub areas vulnerable to invasion by exotic and weedy species.’
      • ‘Both the pigs and the roads have contributed to the proliferation of a number of weedy species.’
      • ‘Further, the dense vegetation and extensive root systems of intact scrub appear to limit invasion by most weedy native or introduced species.’
      • ‘Wildflower seed does not always germinate reliably and uniformly, and weedy plants can be a problem in newly seeded areas.’
      • ‘Although no one would plant these weedy types, they all have attractive, cultivated cousins.’
      • ‘Coley noted that weedy plants have long been a source of traditional medicines.’
      • ‘Herbicides kill weedy plants, thus decreasing the competition for desired crop plants.’
      • ‘A weed is defined as a plant out of place, and many vine-growers regard a weedy vineyard as a sign of poor management.’
      • ‘Concerns have also been raised that herbicide-tolerant crops may pass their genes to weedy relatives, thereby making those weeds resistant to herbicides.’
  • 2British informal (of a person) thin and physically weak in appearance.

    • ‘he was small and weedy’
    • ‘Joplin was a thin and weedy boy, who seemed to always be wearing a plain white shirt and simple trousers, and the same gray cloak draped over his shoulder.’
    • ‘‘If you don't drink you get lumped in with the weedy people,’ argues Riddoch.’
    • ‘He's a weedy man, who was shaking and sweating during our encounter.’
    • ‘When called, they did give a sort of apology, much like a school kid looking down at his shoes and mumbling something because he doesn't want to be seen to apologise to the weedy kid he was punching.’
    • ‘Short, weedy men are less attractive to the opposite sex than tall hunks, according to the latest research.’
    • ‘She travels with her weedy brother, who is convinced he's dying of cancer.’
    • ‘He is so weedy and nerdy and in desperate need of a few hours down at the gym that you just want to slap him around a few times.’
    • ‘The weedy man extended the leather-bound ledgers to his lord, and the red books shook in his hands even as he held them out.’
    • ‘The large man left the stage, and a small weedy man holding a sheaf of papers occupied it.’
    • ‘He was an unimpressive figure physically, weedy and foppish, and slightly lame since birth, but when he addressed the Members of Parliament he made them flinch with his phrases of masterful contempt.’
    • ‘I am not all muscle; in fact I'm pretty thin and weedy.’
    • ‘The boys are the height of men, but skinny and weedy.’
    • ‘Standing there was a young man a few years older than me, passably good-looking but with a slightly weedy air about him.’
    • ‘He didn't want a weedy cissy for a son - he wanted someone practical, physically strong, emotionally resilient, who could share his conventional and conservative values and stride confidently through his corner of the world.’
    • ‘The first man looked weedy and was wearing nylon tracksuit bottoms, a long black coat and yellow gloves.’
    • ‘Their message to themselves was: listen, we may look like weedy nerds with glasses, you might think you can push us around, but secretly we have Amazing Powers!’
    • ‘I want to make all bullies disappear and turn into little weedy shrimps, so they can't bully kids smaller than themselves.’
    • ‘The sight of Paul's weedy body again is enough to make me weep.’
    • ‘The truth of the matter is that we're just plain weedy.’
    puny, feeble, weak, frail, delicate, underdeveloped, thin, undersized, slight, slightly built, skinny, scrawny, a slip of a …
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