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  • 1A person who spends time in a particular place only on weekends.

    ‘weekenders from the city sat drinking under the trees’
    • ‘Gradually the character of our villages is changing as we get more and more weekenders or people who commute moving here.’
    • ‘We get weekenders who become some of our most loyal business.’
    • ‘There are complaints here among commuters and weekenders about cocks crowing in the early morning and cowpats and mud on the road just as there are in England.’
    • ‘Although Courmayeur lies only just beyond the Mont Blanc tunnel, it's refreshingly Italian in feel - from the exquisitely dressed weekenders to the brio of the mountain restaurants.’
    • ‘Wearing casuals, they might have been taken for weekenders, just come from the city for a stroll on the beach in the pleasant weather.’
    • ‘Why trudge up Mt Fuji with the tourists and weekenders.’
    • ‘It's full of weekenders reeling from over-priced booze.’
    • ‘The weather might have been far from summery, but even heavy rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of weekenders determined to enjoy themselves.’
    • ‘The traffic consists mainly of weekenders heading out to the lake for the weekend.’
    • ‘The weekender can engage in activities like hiking, swimming, cycling, fresh water fishing, bird watching and many more…’
    • ‘Garrison is a small town in a part of the Hudson Valley fast being colonized by weekenders and even some commuters to the city.’
    • ‘It is very accessible and, placed as it is in the centre of the western Mediterranean, ideal for weekenders who can afford the air-ticket every week.’
    1. 1.1A small pleasure boat.
    2. 1.2US A bag or suitcase suitable for weekend travel.
      ‘Tara Boone Bags come in sizes from cosmetic bags to weekender.’
      • ‘I also found a pretty good weekender bag in Kathmandu, but at $150 I thought it was a little steep.’
      • ‘It's a great weekender bag done in a great fabric in cool colours like deep turquoise and rich olive green.’



/ˈwēkˌendər/ /ˈwikˌɛndər/