Definition of weeknight in English:



  • A night of the week other than Saturday or Sunday.

    • ‘We have reduced the number of games and telecasts on weeknights and Sundays, when many fans and their families are involved with travel soccer.’
    • ‘If I need to, I can force myself to sleep during the night on weeknights, mostly because after a couple of days I'm so tired from staying up at night and not being able to sleep during the day.’
    • ‘Friday nights were the best weeknights for tips, both waitresses knew.’
    • ‘Cynthia worked the five weeknights, all day Saturday, and during Mass hours on Sunday.’
    • ‘I met with around 15 of them on Friday night at their weeknight Prayer Meeting and spoke briefly.’
    • ‘The downside is that one of the last times Fox moved a Sunday show to a weeknight, the results were far from encouraging.’
    • ‘The Sunday and weeknight line-ups differ, but you're guaranteed at least an hour of entertaining viewing.’
    • ‘Her job was to work the bar on weeknights, except Thursday, and Sunday night, and on Monday to Friday she had to work the golf course.’
    • ‘Pierre offers an Explore New Orleans package, available for $150 per night on weeknights, and $200 per night for weekend stays (excluding taxes).’
    • ‘You must be 16 years of age or above and you will be required to work 12-3pm Saturday and 5-8pm weeknights.’
    • ‘A strong contingent of customers are locals: 30 percent on weeknights, 60 percent on Friday and Saturday.’
    • ‘He supposed she was there most nights… although he seldom came in on weeknights even during school vacations.’
    • ‘It previously opened from 7 to 11 pm weeknights, and noon to 10.30 on Sundays.’
    • ‘They'd kept the volume down last night because it was a weeknight and all the girls there were minors, so they didn't want the cops showing up.’
    • ‘The later you get there on weeknights the worse the food is.’
    • ‘Be sure to join Paula weeknights at 8: 00 Eastern, 5: 00 Pacific.’
    • ‘Rates: $295 weeknights and $350 weekends with a two-night minimum; sleeps eight.’



/ˈwēknīt/ /ˈwiknaɪt/