Definition of weigh in in English:

weigh in

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phrasal verb

  • 1Make a forceful contribution to a competition or argument.

    ‘the dispute turned nastier when Steve weighed in’
    • ‘the paper's editor weighed in with criticism of the president’
  • 2(of a boxer or jockey) be officially weighed before or after a contest.

    ‘Mason weighed in at 203 lb’
    • ‘he weighed in 3 kg lighter than Collins’
    1. 2.1Be of a specified weight.
      ‘The camera weighs in at about 800g.’
      • ‘Hartson, who weighs in at 14 st 6lb, said monitoring his weight involved not having ‘six or seven pints’ if O'Neill granted his players a few days off, but ‘a bottle of wine’ instead.’
      • ‘After the boys were delivered during that operation - weighing in at about 3lb each, a much better weight than expected - it was three days before Vanessa was well enough to be able to visit them.’
      • ‘The average fish over the two days weighed in at a staggering average weight of 2lb 12 oz.’
      • ‘The machine weighs in at 56 000 pounds.’
      • ‘The modern discus weighs in at just 5 pounds, one-third of the original weight.’
      • ‘After the arduous task of laying an egg weighing in at 20 per cent of her body weight the female takes a break - heading off to build up her reserves.’
      • ‘The 240R does come fully loaded and weighs in at 930Kg.’
      • ‘Remember that the Elise remains one of the few genuinely lightweight cars on the market, weighing in at around 750 kg.’
      • ‘Considering that the car weighs in at some 1,600 kg, these are impressive numbers.’
    2. 2.2Cost a specified amount.
      ‘the car weighs in at $10,270’
      • ‘The cardboard box it comes in and the delivery costs weigh in at more than the chip itself.’
      • ‘The system used weighs in at a total cost of a whopping E287,384.’
      • ‘The total cost of disease eradication to the taxpayers weighs in at 216m.’
      • ‘Exclusivity costs though, with the Clio V6 weighing in at £27,000.’
      • ‘Childcare costs in Britain are higher than anywhere else in Europe, with the average cost of a private day nursery weighing in at over £580 a month.’
      • ‘Childcare costs in Britain are the highest in Europe, with the average annual cost of a private day nursery weighing in at around £7,000.’
      • ‘The total cost of that first UGM weighed in at nearly $9,500, though that did include a surround sound receiver.’
      • ‘North Sea cod roe and chips weigh in at 140 baht, whilst a red salmon sandwich costs a very reasonable 50 baht.’
      • ‘At the top of the tree is the Cupra R, which weighs in at €37,600.’
      • ‘Added to the line-up in the autumn will be a new entry level model in the shape of a 1.4-litre petrol which weighs in at £14,175.’
      • ‘The jackpot, which already looked healthy before now, is £100 heavier and weighs in at £2,300.’